Act 4 Change - Social Action

What if more children and young people could lead and inspire innovation in their communities?

Working in partnership with local community groups, Act4Change is an approach to social action that puts the world-view of children and young people at its heart, looking at how we can collectively address the needs and issues as seen from their perspective. Using our formula to its full potential, our work is about creating inclusive, long-lasting, transformational change that will outlive the immediate outcomes of the social action projects.

Our signature process of creative collaborative action sits at the heart of children’s and young people’s communities. With Act4Change, this process involves collaborating with community organisations to develop groups of young people able to lead successful and impactful social action projects which have creativity at their heart. These projects confront social issues identified by young people and not only create long lasting social change in their communities, but also support the development of creativity and leadership in the young people involved in them.

The scope of the Act4Change projects we have already supported is vast, with examples including: addressing local gang violence by creating an EP of music raising awareness of the issue and engaging the community with this music at key events; regeneration of a notoriously dangerous footpath area coupled with a creative safety festival for the community; and filming and producing an aspiration-raising documentary about community role-models and working with local schools to give their young people access to it.

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