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Creative skills are vital to every sector of the economy. From architecture to engineering, from fashion to film making, creativity is at the heart of our economy. Creative skills drive improvement and innovation in social and private enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

Creative and cultural industries alone are worth around £84bn to the economy and employ almost 3 million people - which represents almost 1 in 10 of all jobs. It is the fastest growing sector in the economy. Between now and 2020 that value and these numbers will grow but the sector remains one with the significant barriers to entry to non-graduates. There is a Cultural Employment Challenge to match the Cultural Education Challenge. We are trying to meet both.

Developing these skills should be core to every child’s education. Arts Award, our Social Action Projects, our festivals - all of these TMC projects enable thousands of children and young people every year to develop these team working, creative skills. We also work more directly with businesses and entrepreneurs in addressing the skills gap. For example,

  • We have connected young people to opportunities within the creative industries. Social inequality is reflected disproportionately in those young people getting jobs in this vibrant, vital sector of the economy. We have secured quality work placements and learning opportunities via programmes such as the Creative Skills Initiative.
  • We help young people set up their own creative businesses. We provide development support for young people wishing to start up their own creative enterprise. Our Emerge Creative Enterprise programme, supprted by The RBS Skills and Opportunties Fund and due to start in April 2017, aims to translate young people’s interest, stimulated by our social action and festival programmes, has a pathway to follow. The Mighty Creatives want to enabling brilliant, young creative talent from the local communities to develop a socially focused creative activity which, if sustainable, will lead to a business launch. This is the second start up project we have managed.
  • The Bank of TMC offered young entrepeneurs (16 – 25) mentoring, workshops and business coaching services, as well as a portfolio of micro finance investments. We supported
    • over 300 young people to create new jobs and new enterprise start-ups
    • almost 100 existing businesses to improve how they delivered services to children and young people.
    • the generation 35 new jobs and set up of 10 new business, including Moving Together pictured above
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