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“C is for Creativity”: When creativity flows and wellbeing grows, the learning shows!

  • Thursday 13th October 2022 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm
  • Free
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An introduction to how this creative resource and creativity can support wellbeing in schools.


“C is for Creativity”  is a creative and interactive resource designed by Jo Stockdale of Well Within Reach for teachers, practitioners, and young people themselves.

This versatile and creative resource has been designed to share transformational, yet digestible insights into various aspects of child development; how young brains grow and learn, the essential components to good mental health and the interactive relationship between them that we all need to know about. The added magic of the resource cards is that each offers engaging, practical and creative activities which enable these insights to be translated into practice, ensuring that young people develop their own skills, competencies and knowledge in a meaningful way.

Designed with adaptability in mind, at this workshop you’ll discover how; whether you have a 5 minute gap to fill or a whole week of activities to plan; you can use any or all of the 26 A-Z cards and 4 ‘Wild Cards’ to support children of all ages and abilities. We will explore what they mean for the particular young people you support, and how to use them most effectively with your learners’ social, emotional and developmental needs in mind.

Whether you want to strengthen your children’s wellbeing, learning, or all-round healthy development, this informative workshop will give you deeper understanding into how to get the most from them, strengthening their capacity to learn well, do well, and be well.

We will also share some other guides, tools and frameworks which explore how creativity can support wellbeing in schools, including a brief insight into the revised Artsmark framework and how this can support strategies in school; using the arts as a vehicle to support mental health and wellbeing across your setting.


Thursday 13th October 2022


Start 16:00 – 17:30 Finish


This event will be held on online. You will be sent further details for the Zoom session before the event.

Please ensure you log in at least 5 minutes before for a prompt start.

Additional Information

This workshop will be facilitated by Jo Stockdale. Jo is the founder of Well Within Reach which, in its broadest sense, is concerned with ‘person-centred development’, especially of children and young people. Her main area of interest is the very important role of social & emotional competence in the lives of children-and the adults that they will become- particularly those who are vulnerable, and/or have experienced adversity and distress. Jo has a background in creative practice and, through her work, she helps practitioners to understand the very important role that creativity plays in supporting young people’s ability to ‘learn, so and be well’.