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Creative Mentor Network – Group Peer-Peer Reflection Session with Nottingham City Council’s Educational Psychology Service (10th July 2024)

  • Wednesday 10th July 2024 at 10:00am - 11:30am
  • FREE
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Join us and Educational Psychologist Sophie Wright from Nottingham City Council for a Group Peer-Peer Reflective Session as part of The Mighty Creatives Support package for Creative Mentors.

This is a compulsory part of Creative Mentoring contracts, to engage with reflective supervision sessions.

These sessions are completely free for members of The Mighty Creatives’ Creative Mentoring pool and is completely bespoke for our Creative Mentoring service.

There are a maximum of 8 spaces per session, so book early to avoid disappointment.


What can I expect from the session?

Reflection is a critical component of safe and effective practice. It provides a contained and reflective space to acknowledge and process experiences with Creative Mentoring in a comfortable, dynamic and supervised space. It is not a training session, rather it’s a space to have guided and safe conversations with the professional and psychological support of an Educational Psychologist.

These sessions will offer:

  • Structured professional and peer-to-peer supervision with the support of a trained Educational Psychologist.
  • Reflective and dynamic discussions to consider our work as Creative Mentors, our responses to our work and how we are keeping ourselves safe.
  • Explore what is working well, the challenges and difficulties we may face in our role, and what support is available to support.
  • Explore a solution-based approach in the way you work with others and children and young people.

Whilst these sessions are person-centered and open for different topics of discussion, we thought it would be useful to share with you the specialisms of our Educational Psychology services can offer, to help you:

  • Supporting anxious learners and those struggling to engage due to their anxiety
  • Understanding the impacts of anxiety on learning
  • Reflecting on behaviours due to attachment and trauma
  • Understanding resilience and how to impact children and young people positively
  • Supporting the emotional wellbeing of children and young people with Autism
  • Supporting regulating strong emotions within your sessions, including anger and anxiety
  • Supporting those with SEND and practical strategies to add to your sessions
  • How to support the development of social communication and interaction skills in your sessions
  • Mindfulness strategies within your sessions
  • Understanding restorative practice, supporting conflict resolution and emotional literacy skills
  • Supporting those who are reluctant to speak, including mutism
  • Supporting your own resilience and wellbeing throughout your sessions

Other areas of Creative Mentoring that you could bring to these sessions could be:

  • How to manage beginnings and endings well with your mentee, for them and yourself
  • How to set and maintain appropriate and professional boundaries
  • How to communicate change to your CYP
  • How to recognise and celebrate small achievements
  • How to engage and motivate CYP who are disengaged from learning and the wider world
  • How to manage conflict resolution
  • How to manage over-attachment and dependency
  • How to facilitate independence

These are just a few examples. These sessions are after all guided by you. We want them to be open, fluid and flexible, to create a community of learning and discussion amongst Creative Mentors and supporting professionals. In sharing your challenges, successes, barriers and thoughts, you will learn from the practice of others in a safe space guided by an Educational Psychologist.


See what Creative Mentors have thought about the Supervision:

“I attended my first ever Group Supervision recently. I didn’t know what to expect but I found it very helpful and supportive. It enabled me to talk freely with a very approachable Educational Psychologist and other Mentors about any issues that have arisen in the course of Creative Mentoring. The discussion is interactive and non-judgemental with people listening and offering insight, advice and encouragement.” – Creative Mentor.


“I found it incredibly helpful being able to speak to other mentors and facilitators. It enabled me to view things from different perspectives and gave me fresh ideas to overcome resistance” – Creative Mentor.


“I’m always happy to attend the group supervision sessions if I’m available, as I think they are useful for connecting and reflecting. I mostly don’t have something I want to say prior to going into these but find it interesting in terms of the things that get talked about” – Creative Mentor.


We shaped the sessions alongside Creative Mentors and captured our planning through some graphics below.




Want a more bespoke 1:1 session?

We have 1:1 slots available with Educational Psychologists during the first week of each month. Email to book. Please refer to our support programme for dates and timings.


Wednesday 10th June 2024




Online (Teams)

Additional information

Meeting details to be shared nearer to the date of delivery, alongside Microsoft Teams links for you to access the meeting.