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Mighty Employers Networking Session – Understanding Children and young people experiencing disadvantage (26th September 2023)

  • Tuesday 26th September 2023 at 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  • FREE
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This free networking event is for The Mighty Creatives’ Mighty Employer network, a team of employers working with us to create and support young employability within a range of sectors.

Networking Session – Understanding Children and young people experiencing disadvantage.

This is a networking session looking at a specific theme, where the network members spend time looking at the theme as a group and asking questions of each other and gaining answers.

  • This session will look to gain an understanding of Who a disadvantaged young person is? Who do we think of when we hear the phrase?
  • There will be sharing of best practice in this area from network members.
  • Sharing of resources and materials that are available.

This session is not a training session, instead it is about an environment of sharing and learning together and from each other.


Tuesday 26th September 2023





Attendee details

Booking Information

Please do book on to this training session. The Session itself will be 2 hours long.

Why have we planned these practice sharing sessions?

After the first set Mighty Employers Network training sessions we asked for feedback from each Network member. Within the feedback there were two main themes that came up; more networking opportunities and more opportunities to share practice. So in light of this feedback, we have formed these Themed Networking sessions.

Why should I attend?

From the feedback of the sessions last year, we were told how valuable training was to each of you and what differences it helped you to make in your organisations. Attending these sessions will allow you to see what others are doing, form relationships with other organisations and take part in practice changing discussions.

Is this theme an area of strength for you and your organisations? Do you want to share your practice more formally in the session?

We are opening the floor to any organisations who wish to share their practice more formally (e.g. a ten minute presentation). If this theme or future sessions themes align with a strength of your approach at your organisation, please do get in touch with James@themightycreatives.com and we can make time for your presentation/sharing best practice opportunity.