a bit about us

Here at The Mighty Creatives (TMC), we’re a team of creative arts enthusiasts dedicated to transforming the lives of children and young people through creativity, arts and culture. Our mission is simple: we believe that every child and young person should have access to exciting and inspiring creative opportunities – whatever their background.

Poverty goes beyond just economic deprivation. There is poverty of access and opportunity too. When it comes to arts and culture, young people are missing crucial opportunities to engage with inspiring activities, create imaginative art, and shape successful futures. The Mighty Creatives help to empower young people by combatting poverty and disadvantage, beyond the economic landscape, to ensure that every voice is heard.

We work with young people, education settings, and cultural and corporate organisations, across the East Midlands, to deliver a range of creative programmes.

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The Mighty Creatives is a charity based in the East Midlands which provides arts and cultural opportunities for children and young people, particularly those who are the most disadvantaged and excluded, in order to contribute to the fight against child poverty. Our vision is of a world where all children an:d young people will harness the power of arts, creativity and culture in order to transform themselves, their communities and their futures.  Our mission is to fight for the creative voices of children and young people by

  • Improving access to arts, culture and creativity
  • Raising aspirations of children and young people
  • Empowering children and young people to make positive social change
  • Advocating for the power of arts, culture and creativity
  • Increasing investment in children and young people’s arts, culture and creativity
  • Sustaining the charity’s organisational resilience to meet our vision