Festival Day – Boston

The lead up to the festival was tough, it took everyone’s energy, dedicated time, energy and passion to make the festival happen. The groundwork had been done and the team was supportive in realising the vision. Décor being created, schedules being made, promotion being done and rehearsing were top priorities.

Following the festival there was a huge sigh of relief followed by days of reflection. Could I have done a better job? Always, there are always ways to improve but that shouldn’t discredit what was achieved. People came to the festival, they had fun. The young people who organised it were able to bask in the glory of knowing they pulled it off, pictures for the local press and a sense of pride in introducing people to Shakespeare. This was their time to shine.

The performances which had been both performed and selected by the young people were a real hit with our festival goers. It may have been overcast but there were beaming smiles for the magical Circus artists Earthbound Misfits.

It’s time now for the young people to complete their Arts Award and do some of their own reflections on the wonderful things they have created and learnt.

This has been one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had but I’m glad I can say I did it and it was a success. How do you measure success? I do it by not how I felt but how others felt and the experiences of the event I helped to create for them.