From Super Stormzy to Magical Mums on Creative Hero Day 2019

Discover how Eyres Monsell Primary School celebrated Creative Hero Day 2019.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Eyres Monsell Primary School’s super pupils making, inventing, creating, singing, drumming, crafting, designing, cooking and fancy-dress-wearing for Creative Hero Day 2019!

Our Youth Programme Coordinator, Emily York, went on a very super visit to Eyres Monsell Primary School in Leicester on Friday 25th October to celebrate Creative Hero Day 2019 with their staff and pupils. Emily was given an expert tour of classrooms and activities from dancing Christina Coyle, the school’s Creative Arts Lead and Year 4 Teacher.

To fundraise for The Mighty Creative’s Creative Hero Day 2019, Eyres Monsell pupils and staff were in competition to win the top prize for fancy dress. From paint splattered artists with paintbrush hair pieces, brilliant flour-covered bakers and spectacularly smart scientists right the way to flossing games designers and Ziggy Stardusts, wigs and all. The classrooms, hallways and playgrounds were glittered with Creative Heroes.

Throughout the week pupils thought long and hard about who their creative heroes were and why they were so inspirational. They had themed assemblies and spent their morning carpet times discussing who inspired them to be creative. It was brilliant to see all their work, costumes and dedication towards Creative Hero Day.

As part of their afternoon pupils split off into life skills groups and Emily was lucky enough to sit in some of their sessions from classes in Creative Expression, Musical Expression to Collaboration, Resilience and Problem Solving. Each session involved making and creating from lessons on graffiti, drumming, sculpting and sewing. It was fantastic and inspiring to see how each pupil engaged with creative activity.

Thank you, Eyres Monsell Primary School, for supporting our Creative Hero Day 2019 campaign!

For more information on our Creative Hero Day campaign and to get involved in organising your own fundraiser click here.