Harry’s story

I feel confident, focused, excited and calm… this isn’t where I thought I would be. – Harry*, Young Mentee

*The names of the young person and supporting adults have been changed to protect the young person’s identity.

background to the referral

Harry was ten years old at the time of his referral for Creative Mentoring. He was struggling in school due to finding it difficult to concentrate and engage with any adult-led activities. Harry was perceived to often seek attention from his peers in school through silly comments, and he found building relationships with adults extremely difficult due to some attachment difficulties.

Harry’s behaviour towards adults could be disrespectful and cold – instead of expressing his feelings, he would pretend that he didn’t care. He would not do anything for, or with, adults that he didn’t already have a relationship with, and it took
him an extremely long time to let adults in. Harry was seen as always putting up barriers.

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