Help, advice and resources for young people feeling overwhelmed by news about the war in Ukraine

Are you a young person?

You may have seen, heard, or read lots of things about the war in Ukraine recently. If you’re a young person and you’re feeling upset, confused, worried, or overwhelmed by the news, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Your feelings matter and it’s okay to have these feelings.

That’s why we’ve pulled together some videos, links, and other information to help you make sense of the news about the war in Ukraine – as well as links to resources and support by some of the UK’s leading mental health charities for young people.

The war in Ukraine explained

BBC Newsround have a whole section of content to explain what’s been happening in Ukraine. The video below provides an overview, but you can watch and read all of BBC Newsround’s content on their website.

Are you feeling upset, confused or worried about the news?

If you’re feeling upset by the news about the war in Ukraine, BBC Newsround have also created this short video with some advice. You can watch it below and read some further information here.

Looking for more help with how you’re feeling?

There are several charities and organisations out there to help young people who are struggling with how they are feeling. Click on the buttons below to go directly to each charity’s support and advice content.

Young Minds have practical guides and advice that you can access on their website.

Mind has information on their website for young people aged 11-18 if you need help or support with how you are feeling.

The Mix has written a helpful blog with advice if the news is making you feel anxious.

Are you an adult supporting or working with children and young people?

If you’re a parent, caregiver or educator, Save the Children have published ‘How to Talk with Children about the War in Ukraine’. It offers 5 top tools and tips, produced by experts, to help you approach the conversation with young people.

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The British Psychological Society has also produced advice for supporting children and young people to manage anxiety over war, conflict and crises.

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