Shaking Shakespeare Up

Shakesperts Artist Blog

Plans are well under way for Emerge Boston Festival!

Recorded Monologues and Soundscapes for our Immersive Tunnel
Poetry and performance is being created
A dance has been choreographed
We have had stage combat workshops
Catering including Witches Web Candyfloss is booked
We’re getting crafty at Blackfriars once again
Posters are printed and put up
Games have been designed
Costumes are being made
Stories are being dreamed up
Tents and tech are sorted
Applications for theatre performances are coming in
More Schools are getting involved and a Nursery is making fairies
The Biz are busy rehearsing their Shakespeare showcase

This festival is promising to be a great community project, lots of groups involved and with plenty to do, see and make!

Be delighted by dance, masks and making
Shakespeare was here and he’s here for the shaking
Be in awe of his words and clever verse
There will be stories of lovers and the occasional curse
For all ages and we have two stages
We’re bringing Shakespeare to life, right off the pages!