Top 10 Music Resources for Children, Young People, and those who work with them

From Adele to Zayn and everything in between, it’s no surprise that the UK has produced some of the most remarkable musicians in the world. To continue with the legacy of music in the UK for future generations and ensure children and young people can continue to gain from the mental and physical benefits of music education, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best music resources for all age groups and the people who work with them.

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The Amber Trust

The Amber Trust is a music service charity providing opportunities for partially sighted and blind children. They have developed services such as Little Amber – a resource for babies and early years children, alongside Amber Plus and With Music In Mind – two new resources aimed at encouraging blind children and young people to interact with music.
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The British Kodaly Academy

Following the teachings of Zoltan Kodaly, the BKA promotes music education from early years through to higher education. With online and offline training and resources available, the Kodaly Academy’s work translates to all genres of music and instruments, making it a great resource when working with ESL children and young people.
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Girls Rock London GRL Guide to Wellbeing and Creativity

London based music charity Girls Rock worked with young women and trans youth to create a free guide of using creativity as a tool for wellbeing. Alongside wellbeing tips, GRL have included musical and creative activities that can be adapted for in person and remote learning.
Download the guide here


A free online music making resource that allows children to create their own simple musical arrangements through Incredibox’s animated beatboxing characters and learn the difference between melody, percussion and vocals. Intuitive, easy to use and suitable for KS1 and 2.
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Small Green Shoots

Dedicated to increasing career opportunities for NEET young people in the music industry, Small Green Shoots is a youth-led, Black run charity offering new opportunities for vulnerable young people, including internships and paid classroom learning.
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Music Mark

A membership organization working with Music Education Hubs across the UK. Music Mark has up to date news, resources and events that span from early years to secondary schools and cover music advocacy in education, SEND provisions, and digital innovation.
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With a dedicated education platform, SoundTrap is an online cross-platform digital audio workstation that allows users to create music or podcasts online. A fantastic way for older children and young people to explore the technologies behind making music and sound. Though school accounts are paid for classroom use, encouraging students to sign up for individual accounts is free.
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ISM Professional Development

An online resource bank for those looking to work as any kind of musical professional or teacher. Including a resource hub, online webinars, seminars, events and publications. Some stand out pieces include the Black History in Music resource, a practical guide for Music Performance Anxiety for children and teachers, and advice on neurodiversity and disability in music education.
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Youth Music

A grassroots music charity supporting ages 0-25. Youth Music offer several funding opportunities year round for organisations, businesses and collectives working with young people in music. Their NextGen fund offers young creatives grants to make their own ideas happen, and offer support and advice on freelancing, mental wellbeing and support and working as a young creative in the UK in 2022.
Take a look at Youth Music

BBC Teach Bring the Noise

BBC Teach’s wide range of free resources, downloads, videos and lesson plans includes guides and educational games from a diverse and inclusive range of sources, focusing on early years and KS1.
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There are so many inspiring and valuable resources to choose from for children and young people of all ages! To connect with local and regional organisations, schools and creatives, visit The Mighty Connections website. Full of creative resources and connections aimed at fighting for the creative voices of children and young people.