What is Creative Mentoring and how does it work?

We help children and young people in and leaving care to transform their lives through one-to-one and group-based Creative Mentoring.

The tried and tested Creative Mentoring model (pioneered by Derbyshire County Council’s Virtual School and The Amber Factory) has been developed in partnership with and for children and young people in the care system and in need, who are at greatest risk of not being in education, employment or training.

Generously funded by multiple charitable partners including Children in Need, What Works for Children’s Social Care, Foyle Foundation, Arts Council England and Charities Aid Foundation, we have supported almost 200 children and young people aged 5-19 since 2020.

Eligible children and young people referred to the service will be matched with a Creative Mentor to work with on a 1:1 basis for set period of time, from upwards of 24 hours as an initial intervention. Creative Mentors work to build trusting relationships, introduce creative activities according to the child’s interest and facilitate inspiring experiences to support personal, social and emotional development and educational achievement.

Interested in finding out more information on the Creative Mentoring Service and how to get involved? Check out our pages below!

Want to speak with a member of our Creative Mentoring Team to express your interest in our Creative Mentoring service? Email Emily and Levi at creativementoring@themightycreatives.com.


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Why is Creative Mentoring Needed?

Our Creative Mentoring service is developed in response to the needs of children and young people. Take a look at why it is needed as a service.

Creative Mentoring for Primary School aged Children

We provide Creative Mentoring for Primary aged children, from ages 5 to 11, to develop their skills to re-engage in education, society and with their peers.

Creative Mentoring for Secondary School aged Children

We provide Creative Mentoring for Secondary aged children and young people, from ages 11-16, to develop their skills to re-engage in education, society, with their peers but also to think about their next steps after formal education.

Creative Mentoring for Post-16

We provide Creative Mentoring for Post-16 young people, from aged 16-25, to develop their skills to re-engage in education, employment, training, wider society and with their peers.

Meet our Creative Mentors

We have a pool of around 70 Creative Mentors and growing. Our Creative Mentors are artists, creative practitioners and creative professionals who work within the arts and cultural sector and have been for many years.

Become a Referral Partner

We work with referral partners across the region. Our partners our Virtual Schools, Local Authorities, Schools, Alternative Provision Settings and residential homes.