put creativity and wellbeing at the heart of your curriculum with Artsmark 

Right now, the importance of high-quality art education for every child has never been so urgent. The impact of lockdown and the global Covid-19 pandemic on the wellbeing of young people is a key concern for us all.

responding to the Covid-19 pandemic

Arts and creativity has already had a powerful and positive impact for our young people across the East Midlands. We’re committed to supporting schools in using arts and culture to improve the wellbeing of staff and students alike.

We believe that every child should have access to high-quality arts education. We strive to improve access and inclusion, including for some of the most disadvantaged young people. 

So whatever new challenges you may face in the future, Artsmark ‘s flexible framework allows you to embed arts and culture across the curriculum, so you can stay committed to cultural education.

what is the artsmark award?

Artsmark Award, accredited by Arts Council England, is a quality standard that supports educational settings to develop and celebrate their commitment to teaching the arts and cultural education.

Primary, secondary and special schools, pupil referral units, youth offending teams and sixth form colleges across England can all apply for their Artsmark Award.

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why artsmark?

East Midlands schools find that Artsmark can build young people’s confidence, character and resilience through arts and cultural education. Using Artsmark’s flexible framework, educational settings can embed creativity across the whole curriculum and use it to address school improvement priorities.

Celebrate long-term commitment to cultural education with pupils, parents and your local community.

Visit the Artsmark website to find out more about which education settings can apply for their award.

Artsmark supports Arts Award which recognises the creative development of individual young people.

Around 400 schools across the East Midlands are embarking on their Artsmark journey and celebrating their long-term commitment to cultural education. Take a look at some of our short videos to see just how schools and educational settings across the East Midlands are developing their Artsmark, teaching the arts, and achieving their levels.


schools are awarded Silver, Gold or Platinum, based on their achievements

take a look at our list below to see all the schools near you on their Artsmark journey

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you can register directly on the Artsmark website, it only takes a couple of minutes.

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