what is an emerge festival?

Emerge was an arts festival model, commissioned and delivered by young people across multiple sites on the same day.

The Mighty Creatives have run Emerge Programmes for several years and delivered the third Emerge Festival Day on 6th April 2019 across 8 Midland locations.

Emerge was funded by Spirit of 2012. This funding enables the programme to deliver 24 festivals over 3 years. Since 2016/17, these festivals have been directed by commissioned emerging young artists. Each artist works with local community and school organisation partners to make the festivals come to life in each location.

The aim of the three year project was to involve up to 1000 young people in producing these festivals, to coincide with Shakespeare’s birth and death. The project ultimately involved over 6000 young people working on various phases of the programme.

In 2018/19, we organised festivals in Ashfield, Boston, Cannock Chase, Dudley, Mansfield, Sandwell, South Holland, and Walsall.

hear first hand

Successful poet and theatre maker, Matt Miller, attended as a guest artist for #EmergeFest2019, delivering workshops and directing the festival.


The training residential for Emerge was a crucial opportunity and a great chance to get to know people better: I was able to chat to my lab partners, get some dates sorted for workshops, and start thinking big in terms of what we might like to do for the festival.

discover the impact of emerge

Download these reports to give you a flavour of how it worked and what it looked like in 2015, 2017 . This report outlines how Emerge worked and what it looked like in 2016, courtesy of our delivery partners, Platform Thirty 1.

Emerge Final Report1.25 MB
Emerge Voice Report