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Are you interested in the arts, but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you have friends with an enthusiasm for all things creative and you want to find out if there’s something that suits you? Perhaps you’ve already found your passion, but need some help to kick-start your creative adventure?

We’re a creative charity that wants to work with you to create and grow our programmes; programmes that spark imagination and create new opportunities for you. That way, and however you want to get involved, we make sure that our programmes are fun, engaging and focused on your ideas and interests.

Did you know that including arts and culture in your life is great for your mental health, boosting confidence, nurturing talent and creating opportunities? Whether you’re interested in music, dance, performing arts or design, media, textiles – or any combination of arts! – our creative charity offers heaps of programmes designed to help you find your creative voice.

Not only that, but the skills you will build through taking part in creative activities are useful beyond just the creative space. Inspirational environments and exploring creativity can change your life and provide you with the tools to fashion a bright future.

Check out our programmes below to find out how we can support you on your creative journey.

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Our cultural education programmes support arts and cultural education for all children and young people.

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Our creative communities programme supports social and artistic placemaking through the creativity of children and young people.

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Our creative futures programmes focus on supporting individuals to be leaders across education, community and business sectors.

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Our Creative Mentoring Service provides one-to-one support, improving educational attainment and progression pathways for children and young people in need, including those in and leaving care.
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