Boss Bike Rides will provide informal opportunities for CEOs, founders and senior managers of any business (family business small and medium to corporate or even sole traders) to meet, network, socialise and become a peer support network – all through the medium of shared bike rides around the East Midlands and beyond.

Boss Bike Rides will provide critical support to individuals to come together whilst raising money for children’s charities across the region.

the challenge

The rides provide opportunities for future participants (to be named as ‘BB Riders’) to fundraise for children and young people’s charities in the East Midlands.

To become a BB Rider, participants will agree to organise or participate in a group bike ride (i.e. more than 2 people) anywhere in the UK or the World. They could ride together or independently, with participants finding ways of keeping in touch during their ride. This could be at planned stops along the route for a water break, a hot drink or even lunch!

The ask is that organised rides are planned where networks of Bosses ride out together, with the willingness to share their experiences of ‘boss-ness’ (leadership experiences) and that they keep The Mighty Creatives informed of the group’s progress so that we can tell the world how we’re doing collectively.

ready to ride out and switch up gear for creativity?

To join the movement simply requires just two or more people to form a Boss Bike Ride with a number of ways you can join in and get involved.

  1. The Monthly Model
  2. The Challenge Model
  3. The One-to-One Model
  4. Or signup to join a Boss Bike Ride Peleton hosted by TMC, Switch UP or a Boss Bike Ride leader near you.

To find out where your local meet up is simply contact:

the 2021 challenge

Boss Bike Rides launches in April 2021 and will run initially for 12 months aligned to our 2021 Be Mighty Be Creative Campaign.

The aim of the 2021 campaign event is to collectively raise £100,000 with our riders riding over 1,000,000 km!

The Mighty Creatives will lead and manage the campaign making it easy for our BBR Riders to create a Fundraising Page, grab a bike, a few colleagues, ride and raise money.

Funding raised will go towards supporting our Creative Mentoring programme, which delivers one-to-one Creative Mentoring for some of the most vulnerable children and young people – those in care and care leavers.

BBR Riders can choose to set up their own fundraising page to raise funds for the campaign.