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Creative Mentoring Network – Nurturing Children to Thrive, Not Just Survive (Digging Deeper into the Vulnerable Brain) with Jo Stockdale from Well Within Reach

  • Wednesday 16th June 2021 at 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Free (RRP £50.00 per person)
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This session is part two of a two-part workshop series delivered by Jo Stockdale from Well Within Reach and is for members of The Mighty Creatives’ Creative Mentoring pool. You can sign up to session one by clicking here. Missed the first session? Do not worry! Although preferred, it is not required for you to attend the first session to participate.

Nurturing Children to Thrive, Not Just Survive (Digging Deeper into the Vulnerable Brain)

Following on from the previous workshop, this session will take a closer look at the impact of adversity on a young brain, and what that means in terms of their behaviours, beliefs, attitudes and capacity to learn.

Many children with a brain that is simply not well developed can become much more vulnerable because they are subject to experiences; behaviour policies, exclusion, unhealthy relationships; that harm more than help because they work against, and not with their vulnerable brains.

With a focus on the impacts on stress and distress, this workshop will help you to;

  • Understand how Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma affect the developing brain,
  • Recognise how and when a child’s actions, decisions, behaviours, beliefs and relationships and being driven by the ‘vulnerable brain’,
  • Use your practice to work with, and not against the vulnerable brain, thus nurturing the development of young people who can thrive, not merely survive in their worlds.

This focus will help you to understand your child or young person’s behaviours and actions and how to use your practice to support them to thrive.

If you have any questions about the session, please get in contact with our Youth Programme Manager Emily York by emailing Emily.york@themightycreatives.com.

About Jo Stockdale

Jo is the Founder of Well Within Reach and is also a Trainer and Consultant. She has a background in the creative sector and the journey into neuroscience and ‘person-centred development’ began there around 13 years ago in what has been an interesting and unexpected learning journey. She has is increasingly interested in how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) affect children’s development and has recently completed training in Dyadic Developmental Practice. Jo has also been an independent drama practitioner for 15 years, with a particular interest in using creative approaches to support young people with learning disabilities, and those with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

About Well Within Reach

Well Within Reach are based in the East Midlands and deliver their services right across the UK, from Training, Talks and Workshops, to Evaluation and Consultancy, Creative Learning Resources and support for parents. Their specialism is demystifying the secrets of the brain to help explain the challenges that affect so many aspects of so many lives. They share game-changing insights which help us to unlock cognitive, social and emotional strength, by nurturing the development of those you live with and work with ‘from the inside out’. Take a look at their website here.


Wednesday 16th June 2021


Start 4PM – 6PM Finish

Please log in at least 5 minutes before the start time.


This session will be held on Zoom. Those that are booked on will receive an invitation before the session.