Boss Bike Rides – Winds of Change

Our CEO, Nick Owen lead the charge for another Boss Bike Ride this past weekend through the Lincolnshire coast, cycling as part of our campaign to help the most vulnerable young people in our region.

Riding out from Mablethorpe today with Aenaes Richardson from Magna Vitae was a great reminder of Lincolnshire’s significance in the Second World War and more latterly on the energy agenda.  Wind turbines are never out of view; the talk of nuclear dumps in Threddlethorpe is literally a hot topic; and cycling across the Viking Way which scars its way across fields and the ocean all the way to Denmark is a startling discovery when all you’re expecting are peaceful country lanes trailing down to the sea and the sky in Sutton on Sea. Who knew a pre-supposed isolated county life could conceal so much?

But perhaps the biggest reveal of the rural idyll is that, actually, rural doesn’t mean isolation, it doesn’t mean disconnected and it doesn’t mean that it’s separated from the turbulence of economic, cultural and climate changes which are battering our more populated areas around the country. 

On the contrary, the region is in the thick of it as much as anywhere else. Skegness has been at the forefront of hosting refugees from Afghanistan recently at its seaside Bed and Breakfasts; climate emergency planning is expecting to see flooding in the not too distant future; and in the meantime we’re planning for large scale industrial expansion and new jobs for young people, and for industries looking for young new leaders.

Whilst Mablethorpe might have one of the biggest static caravan sites in the UK, one thing that isn’t static are the winds of change that are gusting along the roads, down the dykes and across the plains to Denmark and beyond.

With new challenges and experiences for young people to find, there’s never been a better time to plan a vibrant future without rural isolation. And with support from our Boss Bike Rides campaign, we can continue the fight for the creative voices of children and young people.

Boss Bike Rides will provide informal opportunities for CEOs, founders and senior managers of any business to meet, network, socialise and become a peer support network – all through the medium of shared bike rides around the East Midlands and beyond.  

Our Boss Bike Rides campaign will provide critical support for individuals to come together – all while raising money for some of the East Midland’s most vulnerable young people. The aim of the 2021 Boss Bike Rides campaign event is to collectively raise £100,000 with our riders riding over 1,000,000 km! Funding raised will go towards supporting our Creative Mentoring programme, which delivers one-to-one Creative Mentoring for some of the most vulnerable children and young people – those in care and care leavers.

Check out our progress and find all the details about future rides here.