The Mighty Creatives – A Year in the Life of An Apprentice

Our Finance Apprentice Charlotte reflects on a year working with us at The Mighty Creatives.

Anyone who knows The Mighty Creatives know that they really do live up to their name and just how truly mighty they are.

As a charity they aim to support the lives of children and young people through creativity, although that is their aim they always go above and beyond. The list of people supported and impacted by The Mighty Creatives is endless. The young people directly, small organisations, non-profit organisations, schools, teachers as well as freelancers and many more. No one can dispute the amount of support The Mighty Creatives has to offer.

I have had the privilege of seeing and feeling the way they support their staff. Today, I have done 1 year of employment at The Mighty Creatives, as an apprentice. Working as an apprentice can be daunting, being the most inexperienced and in turn the youngest of the whole operation. But learning and working is an education and understanding to life anybody would be honoured to receive, especially working alongside these wonderful people.

Everybody knows that this year has been like no other ever experienced in history (unless you’ve been living under a rock, in which case lucky you) But somehow this year has managed to be the happiest of my life. Most of the average 20-year olds have spent this year being dispirited by universities or left unemployed by organisations who consider them insignificant compared to the British work force. I in comparison have spent this time in the safety and comfort of my home, with a full wage comfort blanket around my life. Which is all down to the leadership staff at the Mighty Creatives, who I cannot thank enough for their support throughout this time and I know the whole team feels the same.

The growth and knowledge I have experienced this year is like no other, professionally and personally. My life now compared to a year ago has improved tenfold. In my career, my relationships, my physical health but most importantly my self-worth.

In all jobs people come and go and throughout my brief time, I have met many who have come and gone. But everyone single one of those TMC employees has had a large part to play in my journey. Every one of the staff has a positive, unique attitude and perspective to this world and life. I don’t know how they managed to find such an exceptional team, with every individual bringing passion and a warm soul to the collective. But I know it is a workplace and an environment that I will never find or experience again.

When the day arrives that my time is over at The Mighty Creatives, and the day will, it always does. There will be laughter, joy and definitely tears and it will be bittersweet. Knowing that this experience and amazing chapter of my life will be over, but also knowing I will never be as prepared as The Mighty Creatives has set me up to be. All the knowledge, experiences and opportunities I have gained have changed my life forever. The Mighty Creatives will never know how much I appreciate being a member of this family.