The World Reimagined – meet our young artist Gabs “I aim to bring to life a long-lasting message about racism”

20-year-old aspiring artist Gabs Ubakanma is co-leading a ground-breaking project with The Mighty Creatives – one she hopes will change perceptions and raise awareness of racial justice in Leicestershire and beyond.

Gabs, a fine art student in Leicester, has been given the exciting opportunity to take part in the ‘The World Reimagined’ – a trail of giant globe sculptures set to bring to life the reality and impact of the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans across seven UK cities.

The Mighty Creatives is an official partner of the national event and has enlisted Gabs’ help to design the eye-catching structure before it is unveiled in a prominent location in Leicester city centre in September. The globe will have the theme ‘Still We Rise’.

“I jumped at the chance to be part of this project as I want to help spread an uplifting and inspiring message to the younger generation that racism will not be tolerated. I consider myself to be part of the global majority so this of course something I feel very passionate about, and while lots has improved over the years, there is still a long way to go,” said Gabs.

For me art is another way to convey a message, lesson or idea. It can be simple or abstract, but incredibly powerful all at the same time. I am planning to use all my art skills to bring to life what I want to be a long-lasting message about racism.”

Without giving too much away, Gabs will be working with a lead artist from The Mighty Creatives on the project, and says her plans include telling stories of African and UK ancestors who have overcome slavery.

“The globe will be very colourful, but we won’t be using words – only patterns, symbols and imagery. The art will represent people through history who have defeated slavery with sheer determination and strength,” Gabs said.

“When people see the finished globe, I want them to recognise the people who went before them, and who overcame terrible adversity. I would love for them to feel like they too should not give up, that they are not alone, and that they should never fear being judged. To play my part in creating a piece of art that will inspire people in this way is so exciting.”

Gabs has always been interested in painting, and plans to become a freelance artist after her degree, exploring different art forms in her career.

“I think The Mighty Creatives mission to support creative programmes that allow young people like myself to express themselves is the type of opportunity every member of the global majority should take. With the revelation of the globe, I also look forward to the possible new, established relationships between global majorities that can be made when interacting with the piece.”

For more information on The World Reimagined project visit the link below