What are the Arts Award start-up and progression (SUP) packages?

Ingrid de Rauglaudre shares how our Start Up Packages have been benefitting children and young people throughout the region.

Are you:

  • A youth setting working with Children and Young People in the East Midlands?
  • Wanting to deliver an Arts Award qualification for the first time or another level?
  • Interested in supporting your Young People to develop as young artist leaders?

If the answers to all these questions are yes, then we recommend you apply for our Start-Up and Progression packages.

Last year, we had fantastic creative projects taking place in the East Midlands where hundreds of children and young people achieved their Arts Award. These are only a few…

Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School used Arts Award to perform Matilda

The Leicester-based primary school’s dedicated music specialist worked closely with resources offered by the Royal Opera House to deliver singing lessons at school, also using the ROH Learning Platform’s Create and Sing Carmen Arts Award logbooks. The project showed real impact on the pupils as it provided them with the opportunity to work on their vocals for 45 minutes per week, and this consistency gave them confidence to sing and perform. Many of them then auditioned for different parts of Matilda. One student said “I really loved learning to sing better. And I loved trying to be someone else when I am singing!”.

I was very lucky to be in the audience on April 9th to watch their performance of Matilda at Beaumont Leys School and see one of my favourite stories played out on the school stage. My favourite song was most definitely ‘When I Grow Up’ which the students performed so wonderfully and I’m singing to myself all the time since then. One parent said this about their young one; “To see the difference in the confidence of *** was wonderful to see and I felt really quite emotional watching him”.

“I really loved learning to sing better. And I loved trying to be someone else when I am singing!”

With the support from the SUP package, the Year 5s were able to work with professionals from the Royal Shakespeare Company. The lead on the project described the Matilda performance as “ambitious”, but honestly, those young people were so full of confidence and talent. Most importantly, you could really see how much fun they were having on stage!

Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School were successful in receiving a SUP package in May 2018 and the school was delivering the Arts Award for the first time. They are an Artsmark School and have been working with The Mighty Creatives on their Artsmark journey since 2015. In January, 93 students from the school achieved their Discover Arts Award, and with support from the SUP package, they were able to deliver the Award at no cost to the parents and making it accessible to all the students, as well as having a celebration event with the certificates!

Jason Wilsher-Mills helped 623 children to achieve Discover and Explore

Jason is a local artist who has been working on a fantastic project called Corby Totems. Jason was successful in receiving SUP packages to introduce four new Corby-based schools to Arts Award; Northgate School and Arts College, Stanion C.E. Primary School, Boughton Primary School and Oakley Vale Primary School. They all delivered Discover & Explore Arts Awards for the first time, and some of them will be carrying on with Bronze in the future.

The SUP packages enabled the schools to cover the Arts Award certificates, as well as travel costs to the Corby Totems film premier and unveiling of sculptures. Overall, Jason delivered an unbelievable 623 Discover and Explore Arts Awards across all the schools he worked with.

26 students at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy gained their Silver Arts Award

During this school year, 26 students aged 12 to 16 worked on their Silver Arts Award, which they are in the process of being moderated for. Previously, Bluecoat successfully delivered the Bronze Arts Award and the lead wanted to support students to carry on progressing to a different level. The Arts Award adviser ran an extra-curricular group for the 13-16-year olds to meet every week on a Thursday Tutor time to deliver the Award.

They used the SUP packages to make the award accessible to all students by subsidising the moderation costs. They also used it to visit Nottingham Lakeside Arts and interviewed artists for their Part D of Unit 1 – Arts Research.

For Unit 2 – Arts Leadership of the Silver Arts Award, whilst some of the students worked on Carol services at local churches, other students ran their own school production of Grimm Fairy Tales before the Christmas holidays. They split roles and collaborated to organise the production and took part in acting, directing, lighting, sound as well as promoting the performance itself. A young person said the Arts Award has enabled them to learn new creative skills as well as practice what they could already do.

Bluecoat Wollaton Academy’s principal was impressed by the impact on the young people; “It’s great, I am more than happy for us to build Arts Award into the curriculum to enrich the lives of our students”.

If you have aspirations to deliver Arts Award in your setting, apply for a Start Up Package today. Further information and the application form can be found here.